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        Our Mission: A Secure Childhood for A Happy Adulthood 

Teach your Child to be Assertive


What is Assertiveness?


It means,

              Speaking up for your own rights and opinions without violating the rights and opinion of others.

              You are bold, confident, and you know your boundaries.

              You are clear and firm and willing to defend yourself against aggressive intrusions.

Explain the difference between Submissive, Assertive, and Aggressive child.

               * You pull your child’s hair slightly and watch how she/he reacts to your behaviour. Then explain to him/her how different character child will react to such

                  uncomfortable situations.

               * Explain that a Submissive child will not say “No” and will just stay quiet and this will encourage you to keep pulling his/her hair.

               * An Assertive child will look in your eyes and say, “No, Stop it”. Whereas an Aggressive child will start to hit and kick you when his/her hair is pulled.



          Submissive children tend to have low self-esteem and will be the target for abusers. They do not resist and do not say “NO” to them.


          Assertive children will be able to look directly into the eyes of abusers and say, “I don’t like it. Stop it now! They will run away as soon and as quickly as possible (Make your child practice to be an Assertive child by standing up with head high and say NO! bold and brave).


          Children with this characteristic fight with other children, blame others, name call, and threaten others. These children think they can fight an adult and may not run away.