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Introduce Body Safety Program in your School


Here are few steps you can take to introduce The Body Safety programme in schools.

Step I: Get the support

               Meet with the principal or school board to gain their support and to discuss The Body Safety Program. Show them the Body Safety books and explain to them that sexual abuse is a body safety issue- not an issue of sexual education or sexuality.

Step II: Offer the materials to teachers and other school staff

               Request the school board to provide The Body Safety books (Red Light Green Light Body Safety Rules) to teachers and staff who will be teaching the program and will be involved in reporting incidents of suspected abuse. Explain to them that this can be tied to Value education class on weekly basis.

Step III: Set up information session for parents.

               This can be tied to a regular PTA meeting or a separate activity. A parent information and permission slip can be sent home with the students. This gives the parent the opportunity to preview the information that the children are going to be taught in the school. Parent information night:

               Arrange for a parent information night and the following can be covered at the parent information night:

                      1. The problem of Sexual Abuse

                      2. How education can prevent Sexual Abuse.

                      3. Discussion of lesson plans and how units are to be taught.

                      4. Activities parents can do at home to reinforce safety concepts.

Sample letter to parents