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        Our Mission: A Secure Childhood for A Happy Adulthood 

Basic Concepts to Teach

Introduce the topic as a safety issue

          Introduce the topic of Sexual Abuse Prevention to your child as a safety issue. For example, talk to them about some of the safety measures in your home and then lead the conversation to Body Safety. Teach them that Body Safety is about keeping his/her body safe and what to do when someone touches them in a way that they don’t like or makes them feel uncomfortable.

Basic concepts to teach

           * Teach them that their body belongs to them and no one has the right to hurt their body.

           * Teach them to be assertive and say “NO” to anyone who touches them inappropriately, whether it is a stranger or someone they know very well.

           * Teach them not to keep secrets between you and them.

           * Teach them whom they can talk to if they have a problem when you are not around.

           * Teach them that if the adults do not believe or listen to them, they should tell other adults and keep telling until someone listens and does take some action.

           * Teach them that they are not to blame if someone touches them inappropriately. It is always the offender’s fault, not theirs.


Have the children practice


          Having the children practice saying “NO” to uncomfortable touches or dangerous situations is a valuable tool. Whenever possible, have the children practice being assertive with adults in a various situations. If children have trouble speaking with adults whom they trust - they will certainly have difficulty saying “NO” to someone who is abusing them. Sexual abuse prevention involves more than just knowing what should be done - it depends upon the ability to act upon one’s knowledge. Teach them The Body Safety slogan “NO GO TELL!!”